Because we are people and because as people we need food, honest food, we want to establish and nurture a sound and prosperous business in the agro world and distinguish ourselves from today’s culture of commercial deception by making sure that words have a meaning and actions can be verified.

Although our products are fully compatible with synthetic fertilizers , we strongly support a gradual switch to a more sustainable agriculture. We understand that the global economy imposes severe pressure on farmers and growers alike to make volumes rhyme with income and to define quality by looks rather than by health. We also know however, that the vast majority of these farmers and growers would prefer to use their forefather’s practices, known today as “sustainable”, should they be able to make a decent business that way and provide for their families at the same time.

That is where we and people like us come in!

Sustainability for us is not just what we do as a business, it also considers the why and how we do it. The why is easy; we see sustainability as the only feasible future for farming and the planet as a whole in the long run. How? We provide the means to increase yields and demonstrate in real time not only that what we do works and is competitively advantageous but also that it benefits livelihood. For all of us.
We use direct communication with farmers to explain our project in detail, including immediate and future earning models and survival . This approach has been very successful as demonstrated by the fact that to date, whether big or small, would it be for a few hundred square meters or a couple of hectares, whether individually or collectively, each and every farmer we have contacted has agreed to run a pilot with our promising product and very few farmers have turned us down.

So, the game is on and the task is immense!

For that reason we do our best to be a team. We believe that anything and everything that we create and deliver is inspired by our essential joint force. We work together for a common goal and promote and support diversity, thinking agility and flexibility, making us capable to adapt to challenges while delivering reliable results.

We and people like us contribute solutions to environmental and social upheaval in order to create a transition between a “cul-de-sac” and a possible brighter future.
"We are today in the midst of a battleground for two very different approaches to agriculture. One is the agro-ecological approach based on the use of open source traditional seeds, cultivating biodiversity and living in harmony with nature.

The other is the mechanistic world of an industrial system based on monocultures, one-way extraction and the use of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, where chemical cartels compete to take over our agriculture and food systems, destroying our ecosystems along the way.”

'Our journey is about getting together - and together achieving goodness'
Fran├žois Bernard, CEO First-Tree B.V.