• Improves compost
  • Natural bug repellent
  • Controls fungal diseases
  • Improves fertilizers uptake

User manual


What is it?
Wood vinegar is a dark aqueous liquid obtained from the cooled and condensed exhaust fumes of a pyrolysis unit, where biomass is heated to high temperatures in the absence of air. Apart from wood vinegar, the condensed fumes are separated into a tar fraction and an oil. Wood vinegar is also referred to as pyroligneous acid.

What does it contain?
Wood vinegar contains more than 200 individual components including organic acids, alcohols, esters, aldehydes and ketones. The main component is acetic acid and the alcohols mainly comprise phenol and its derivatives.
What is it good for?
The following uses of wood vinegar have been investigated and tested:

There is evidence of use dating back thousands of years to the Amazon basin black terra preta earth – - in the 1800 and 1900’s there was substantial factories that commercially produced wood vinegar with creosote as a source of acetic acid

Japan and throughout Asia has used it extensively for several decades for all sorts of uses and replacement of synthetic agrichemicals with unprecendented success.  
Details and usage
Function Target Crop Application mode Dosage (ml/l)
Control fungal diseases cucumber foliar spray 5
    tomatoes foliar spray 5
Control root rot cucumber plant base 5
    tomatoes plant base 5
Enrichment garden soil   irrigation water 35
Flavor improvements   sweet fruits   1-2
Germination improvement   seeds soak 5
Incidence reduction aborting flowers chilli pepper foliar spray 3
Repellant insect pests cabbage irrigation water 1
    corn foliar spray 3
Repellant nematodes black pepper irrigation water 1
    straw berries plant base 5
    tomatoes plant base 2
Stimulation of conversion compost   irrigation water 10
Stimulation of development   sweet fruits   1-2
Uptake improvement fertlizer   foliar spray 2
GOOD FOR GREENS™ Wood vinegar
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