• 100% organic
  • Increases yields by 10-25% and more depending on plant variety, soil conditions, geographical position and farmer's know-how. First-Tree B.V.Bio-stimulants provide an additional boost to crop outputs.
  • Improves plant tolerance to biotic & abiotic stress. Those are term that describes the negative impact that drought, extreme temperatures (cold, frost and heat) and salinity has on plants. First-Tree B.V.Bio-stimulants reinforce plant vigour making them more resilient to survive and recover during periods of extreme weather conditions.
  • Helps crops to assimilate nutrients. First-Tree B.V.Bio-stimulants help plants to incorporate nutrients to ensure a higher return on investment for farmers and less unintentional impact on the environment. Enhances crop quality. First-Tree B.V.Bio-stimulants contribute to the quality of produce, including sugar content, color, fruit setting, firmness, and nutrient uptake, which in turn improves storage and makes food more nourishing for consumers.
  • Improves soil health. as during spraying, what will fall on the soil will be used as green fertilizer. First-Tree B.V.Bio-stimulants support the development of beneficial soil microorganisms which improve soil health. Healthy soil retains water more effectively and decreases soil erosion.

User manual


What is it?
First-Tree’s bio-stimulant is a greenish-brown aqueous liquid obtained by extracting a juice from the fresh leaves of certain plant species and algae, which are known to exhibit exceptional growth enhancing properties.

What is it good for?
By spraying any crop with GOOD FOR GREENSTM bio-stimulants, the natural actives contained in the extract – in combination with all the nutrients and minerals – is taken up by the foliage into the plant where it stimulates cell division, root and shoot formation, flowering and fruit formation as well as support the natural defence mechanism of the crops!

What does it contain?
GOOD FOR GREENSTM bio-stimulants contain numerous Nutritional Values and several hundred different compounds. First-Tree B.V.has developed Good For Greens® formulations for particular plant categories, each based upon a unique plant and algae extract. For optimal results and ease of use in the field, each category formulation is enriched with specific amino acids, plant growth regulators and bio-acids. With regard to additional benefits, if GOOD FOR GREENS is not a crop protection product it still has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Details and usage
Recommended Application Methods
Mode Object Dosage Treatment Comments
Soaking Seeds 1:25-32 Single max. 12 hrs
Soaking Bulbs & Lubers 1:25-32 Single max. 12 hrs
Soaking All crops 5 L/ha2) Triple Apply during growing cycle at intervals of 15-20 days, depending on physilogical stage
Soaking Soil 5 L/ha2) Apply during seeding/planting max. 12 hrs
1) DO NOT combine soaking and injecting
2) Diluted 1:25-32 with water
Typical composition Good for Greens® bio-stimulant
Component Value
Carbohydrates 17%
Alcohols 15%
Protein 4%
Bio-acid's 3%
Ca (calcium) 0.5%
Mg (magnesium) 0.1%
K (potassium) 0.2%
Na (sodium) 0.1%
N (nitrogen) 0.7%
P (phosphorus) 0.1%
Fe (iron) 25 mg/kg
Mn (manganese) 20 mg/kg
Cu (copper) 1 mg/kg
Zn (zinc) 15 mg/kg
Analysis Good for Greens® bio-stimulant
Component Value  
Cd (cadmium) < 0.01C mg/kg
Pb (lead) < 0.05 mg/kg
As (arsenic) < 0.04C mg/kg
Hg (mercury) < 0.005 mg/kg
Ni (nickel) < 1.0 mg/kg
Cr(VI) (hexavalent chromium) < 1.0 mg/kg
Escherichia coli < 10 cfu/g
Salmonella Not detected in 25 g
Why piloting?
A pilot is the first step in presenting our products to a potential partner. Since we want to gain confidence, rather than shouting wild and unfounded claims, we propose real time demonstrations of our products during the growing season.


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