The original earning model for repartitioning the value created by the GOOD FOR GREENS® bio-stimulant would give farmers the “Lion’s share”, originally designed to be a 70/30 split between grower and First-Tree. In practice however, the Lion’s share proved to be considerably more than 70%.

Unfortunately, this model demands a price scale based on crop types and economics, resulting not only in large price differences but also in the way farmers are treated while using a by and large similar product. This proves to be very unpractical.

Therefore, First-Tree B.V.has decided to use a single price based on high value produce (soft fruits) for all crops.

However, First-Tree B.V.will always be willing to co-operate with farmers who cannot afford the GOOD FOR GREENS® bio-stimulant, such as vegetable growers or fruit tree farmers, and find a fair solution to enable them to benefit if and when required on a case by case basis.

'Our journey is about getting together - and together achieving goodness'
Fran├žois Bernard, CEO First-Tree B.V.