First-Tree a company whose interests are not exclusively driven by the need to maximise profits for shareholders and/or owners, but also turned towards projects where business solutions can achieve greater good and reduce inequalities amongst communities in need, by trying to reduce the “gap” between the “haves” and “have not”.

Indeed, inequality is a well-known threat to economic growth and social stability and the basis for local poverty. Even countries having a solid GDP growth (4-8% in some instances), such as Ethiopia, India or Indonesia, to name only a few, fail to witness a corresponding reduction in local poverty due to inequality. The reasons for this are manyfold but invariably include a poor agricultural infrastructure which is directly associated with the production of essential food crops and the livelihood and happiness of many people.

Here again, we believe that our products may offer a solution and First-Tree B.V.will work with anybody on a fair basis.


This is Nikolaus, our partner and scientific advisor from Austria. In addition to being a scholar, he is also a seasoned hands-on engineer capable of turning any kind of scrap into a valuable raw material. For the past twenty years, Nikolaus has extensively investigated the use of plant based bio-stimulants and soil improvement and in that respect has completed numerous projects around the world resulting in high output fields, the regular harvesting of crops and process equipment and methods for plant extraction.

He collaborates with many universities around the world and is seriously involved in charity work through well-established institutions. We consider it a privilege to work with Niklaus and to be part of his grand dream. It is fair to say that we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for him.

'Our journey is about getting together - and together achieving goodness'
Fran├žois Bernard, CEO First-Tree B.V.